Fly Fishing Paradise

How many times have you heard in  your life; "Location, Location, Location" ?

Quite a few I bet.

Back before the real estate market went south on second and third homes here in the mountains of Western North Carolina; we were asked to help with a remodel of a mid century house near the Nantahala River. (The market for homes is starting to come back in our area now).

It was to be a simple vacation get away for a bachelor, stock broker gentleman from Atlanta, GA. We worked with the home owner and his general contractor to 'step it up a notch.' - I think we succeeded.
He married a few years ago and his wife loves the house and location.

When I talked to him last fall he said that only thing he would have changed - if he were to do it again: "Would be to made all the rooms timber frame."

Since we handcrafted the timber frame parts of his home over a decade ago. We are always glad to hear that.

To view more photos of this wondrous remodel Click: Fly Fishing Paradise.
We hope you enjoy them too.

The photos below are not on the main website:
fording the Natahala River to get to the job site.
Heavy timbers and materials had to be brought across this shallow spot. 

after the 'great room' was raised
J.R.Sanders Co.has been providing  crane and boom truck need s in Western North Carolina for over 25 years.
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Build for how you Actually Live

  • Think of the SUN as your friend. 
Here in the Carolina's, Georgia, and Tennessee we actually have four distinct seasons. Consider positioning your home to face south - taking advantage of natures passive solar heating effect in the winter. Your fall and winter heating bills should be lower. A 1-1/2' to 2' roof overhang is also a big help.

  • Windows, Windows, Windows......
Your windows do not have to be ALL alike, same, same, same. Instead of one massive window you can break it up - with out breaking the bank. 
Another consideration is: Do you have any art or photos you wish to display? If every wall is FILLED with windows your options will be limited.

  • A Porch, of course...allows you to take advantage of the great out doors with out the heat, bugs...Enclosing your porch and making it an all season room will greatly extend its usefulness to near year round.

  •  Think HIGHER not Wider
Due to the HIGH cost of excavation, pouring, building foundations and roofing is is generally less expensive to build UP not out

That said you may  want to build the master suite on the ground floor. 

  • Sleep cozy.
 In the days of the Mac Mansion, which was not that long ago, master suites oft had soaring ceilings and roughly the square footage of most living or family rooms.   The master suites in today's homes are most often found on the ground floor - they are more cozy, warm feeling and intimate . 

  • Entries, should have a minimum of 5'-8' of free moving around space upon entering the home. Have you ever entered a home and the stairs were RIGHT THERE - you get that over loaded elevator type feeling. yuk....
  • Storage, it maybe a summer home now BUT think down the road. People may be living there year round before you know it. Second, third, and guest rooms should have closets that are 2' by 5-7' as a minimum of closet space. We are a culture that has stuff and sometimes the stuff has stuff
     Convert the area under the eves to storage. The area under the roof trusses in the garage can also be used to store more seasonal items.      Just think, 50 years ago there was no such thing as 'public storage units.' You will be amazed if you type 'public storage units' into you computers browser. Yowzer!

  • Dining Areas, does one really need a breakfast nook, a bar in the kitchen and a formal dining room? Consider your options and how you really live.

  • outdoor cooking porch, Atlanta, GA

    • Are you thinking outside the BOX (house)? Decks and covered porches add hundreds of feet of living area. Porches off bedrooms can add more living area and enhance your homes curb appeal  That said - think of how you actually live. Do you sit outside and read a good book, picnic, etc. -or- are you more of an indoor guy or girl? Space is only worth the $ if you use it.
    • Landry, Mud and Work areas often overlooked when designing your home. Think about how you live and the area where you will be living. This is your home and only you know how you really live. 
    ----are you a cross country skier?
    ----is gardening your passion?
    ----do you actually know where your washer and drawer are? ---do you know how to use them? 

    Workout Room, A Study in Beauty & Compound Joinery

    We do a great deal of compound joinery design and handcrafting here in our shop at Cabin Creek Timber Frames.  This compound joinery great room will actually be the homeowners exercise, work out room.
    Here are two very short videos for your to view:
    Crafting the King Post
    Crafting the Compound Joinery Frame

    Jeremy Ford, handcrafting the King Post

    Adam Gelbaugh working on one of the jack purlins know as "jacks".

    Charles Duncan also working on the "jacks".

    Once the timber frame is raised on the job site, we will enclose it in with SIPs, structural insulated panels making it not only beautiful but energy efficient too!!!

    After spending most of last month at the end of a one lane mountain road to raise a gorgeous timber frame known as "Enchanted Forest" we are back in the shop working on this compound joinery timber frame to be raised in the Florida panhandle hopefully later this month. Will be posting  fit up videos next week     :-)

    Oldest Timber Frame Home In America

    I am always doing internet searches for old or historic timber frame homes in America. Just this week I happened upon the "Fairbanks House, 511 East Street, Dedham, MA 02026 built around 1638.

    I am linking to two sites I found most interesting:
    One is the official website for the 'Fairbanks House'.

    The second is to the an excellent article on the Fairbanks House by Lily Cleveland
    whose article enabled me to share this information here with you today.

    If you enjoy both history and timber framing - I hope you enjoyed reading the information contained on these sites as much as I did....ENJOY, and pass it on.....  

    The Wahsega, timber frame home plan

    The Washega is a small intimate timber frame of just 900 sq feet. We have thought about building this timber frame cottage as a guest house on our property. As you know timber frame are structural in and of themselves.  The above floor plan is just an idea of how you could do your interior rooms. . . if you like you could have one large great room. That said, most people like to have some room out of the view of drop in visitors. If you were to add the front entry porch and side porch you could double your "entertaining space'.

    to view the "Wahsega" timber frame home plan in more detail click here.

    8th Annual WNC Pottery Festival

    the 8th Annual Western North Carolina Pottery Festival
    will be held THIS Saturday, November 3rd, 2012 in 
    Dillsboro, NC. 
    10 am - 4 pm, tariff $3 per adult children under 12 years free. 

    There will be a juried event more than 44 potters from around the United States will be participating. The potters will be demonstrating a variety of techniques at the fair. The pottery fair is considered one of the top art events in the mountains. 

    Need a break from the political rhetoric??? -- see you there    ;-)

    2012 Southeastern Regional TFG Meeting

    The 2012 Southeastern Regional TFG Meeting will be held Saturday, September 15th, at Cabin Creek Timber Frames, 6624 Georgia Rd., Franklin, NC 28734. We are planning two or three presentations, a slide show, great food, and good times. This event is free to attendees.

    Attendance is open to members and non- members alike so spread the word.

    The program is still in development, some of the highlights include:

    • TIMBER GRADING with Mike Delbect of Timber Products Inspection, Conyers, GA.
    • CRANE SIGNALS with Joe Sanders, Sanders Crane and Mason Bassett, student at American College of Building Arts
    • FALL PROTECTION with Jeremy Ford, Adam Gelbaugh and Mason Bassett
    • Hobby as BUSINESS  with Jeff Butler of Liberty Tax, Franklin, NC and Clayton, GA
    • CHAIN SAW JIG with Jason Wilson
    • 'How and WHY things work in a timber frame" - David Hourdequin, D. Remy and Co. Engineers, Hayesville,NC
    Come spend an early fall weekend in a beautiful part of the world. If you would like to help sponsor or help out at the event, please contact Miss Jo at . You can also visit the Timber Frame Guild website: for more help.

    Schedule of Events:
    • 10:00 Gather at Cabin Creek Timber Frames for the start of the days events.
    • 12:30-1:00 Lunch
    • 1:00 Events continue.....
    • Mortise Cleaning Contest
    • AXE Throwing Contest
    • 5:00 - 6:30 Slide Show/Dinner, Please bring your photos (flash drive please) for slide show and discussions.
    • 6:30 'Crack the Keg', Beer
    • 7:00 Blue Grass Music, so bring your banjo, fiddle, bass, mandolin and join in the festivities.  
    If staying in a motel the best place would probably be Franklin, NC.
    Franklin, NC is located 6 miles NORTH of Cabin Creek Timber Frames on HWY 441.
    If camping or roughing it please call Miss Jo at 828-369-5899 or by email at

    For directions checkout the  Google Map Link to the 2012 Southeastern Regional Timber Frame Guild Meeting. 

    RSVP Today:
    Don't forget to let us know how many people are coming in your group.
    This will allow us to plan for food and fluid, beer amounts. Thanks Jo & Joe